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X-Floss lite® is thin and can be used to clean sub gingival next to an anterior 21 implant.

X-Floss lite® is ideal for cleaning adult teeth with orthodontic braces.

X-Floss lite® is gentle and soft to use against the inflamed gingiva of this tight fitting 11-22 bridge.

X-Floss lite® used on an upper anterior implant bridge.

11 And 21 are two crowns supported by implants.
11 And 21 crowns are attached in the centre.
12 And 22 are cantilever bridges.
The firm threader of the X-Floss lite® is easy to use to gain access between the 11 and 21.
The X-Floss lite® is thin and soft to use sub gingival against the implant on the mesial side of the 21.
And on the distal side of the 21.