Fantastic news in Australia: X-Floss is now available at your local pharmacy.

If your local pharmacy does not yet stock X-Floss, then please ask them to order X-Floss form their pharmacy wholesaler or contact Erskine
Dental on Freecall 1800 817155 and their friendly staff will arrange this for you.

Yellow X-Flossthinner®
Green X-Floss®
Blue X-Floss lite®


iDontix® is an original Australian company, now we are manufacturing premium oral hygiene products in China.

Products are continuously being developed to provide highly innovative dental solutions. iDontix® aims not only to support the dental professionals to improve the oral health of their patients, but also to develop the worldwide market and present the products to the dental community in a way that they will like, use and promote the products.

The founders of iDontix have a genuine love for teeth!

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